A modern classic


The watercooled Porsche 996 and 997 generation is a modern sports car with far-reaching combination of safety, sportiness and comfort.  However, many Porsche enthusiasts would love to have a more classic look or the sound of the aircooled generation. 

Designed by famous car designer ZOLLAND DESIGN, based on the original Forged Wheels from OTTO FUCHS KG, with the unique ride and stance made possible by MCS SUSPENSION. Project idea, development and management by CUSTOM CLASSIC with the support of parts engineering by HAHN WERKE. 

It is possible to order a purpose built conversion in the Netherlands or order seperate parts for your own project, shipped worldwide and with a plug & play fittment or with clear installation instructions.

The CUSTOM CLASSIC is inspired by the values of the early F-model Porsche 911 .